European Union Gateway Mission

European Union Gateway programs are programs initiated by European Mission, out of sympathy to the Japanese, which was initiated to its people as European Union companies...

... with a mission to boost their economic status after being hit by natural calamities especially in the recent past; the major earthquake and Tsunami which left the nuclear power plant at Fukushina completely damaged, which offered opportunities to most of the victims leaving them financially and some even physically incapacitated. Thus the European Commission saw the need to form the European Union gateway mission, with programs that would boost Japan and its people economically.

These programs are hosted by European Commission, which formed the European Union gateway mission in order to be in a position to monitor closely its help programs daily, especially after the consequences of the devastating experiences of these natural calamities, and also to enable it give healthcare and medical services to the affected people; as well as to enable Japan be financially stable again, through programs such as the Business Mission by the European Union gateway mission.

By funding business missions in Japan, these programs have created high technology and design sectors for European companies to develop their business. These programs offer financial and logistics support with strategic preparations as well as organized research for business contacts, and maintaining strength with the already existing relationships. This has enabled these programs form basis for European Union companies in Japan to increase in their business sector, by offering programs such as; programs that helps in expanding the market share in an efficient way which is cost-effective, identifying potential suppliers, importers, representatives & distributors. They also carry researches on products competitiveness, monitoring market trends and the challenges facing the marketing trends within different professional industries.

These programs by the European Union gateway missions, has been able to open up Japanese market in a successful way, since 1994, with continued effort to see that its economic status is not completely disabled, even after the Tsunamis and earthquake. Most of the technology equipments used in many parts of the world, cars and machineries form the part of the Japanese economy, which has highly been enabled by these programs that are hosted by the European Mission.

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