Facts about Japan

Japan is a country made up of four islands, and has been a major world power for thousands of years.

Japan’s capital city is Tokyo, which is located at just about the center of the main island. The population of Japan is well over 126 million, with about a third of them localized in Tokyo. The currency used in Japan is the yen. They also use 7 different coins in their currency system. Japan’s national flag consists of an all white background with a red circle, representing the sun. Though today’s flag has been designated as the national flag in recent years, the design of the sun has ties back to a flag from the 11th century.
For much of its history Japan’s empire has been ruled as a dynasty, with emperors reigning and passing rule on from generation to generation. Today’s Japan still has an acting emperor but the position is more symbolic than power control. The government of Japan is operated by Parliament and a Prime Minister.
Some of the many exports of Japan are motor vehicles, various personal electronics, and precious metals. Japan imports fuel supplies, food stuff, raw materials and chemicals, among other things. Japan’s economy held at the world’s second largest for over forty years, and was only recently bumped to third position by China. Japan’s government allows the exercise of freedom of religion, though the main religions in Japan are Shintoism and Buddhism.
The cuisine of Japan has changed over time, with certain restrictions being leveled at the people of Japan depending on the ruling dynasty. Restrictions have been placed on various food groups ranging from fish to hunted animals to, at one time, any living thing. Today’s societies’ food dishes range from fish to meat, usually consisting of rice or noodles and soups.
Japanese is the official language of Japan, though there are many dialects in use still today because of how long Japan has been in existence. The people of Japan have endured through many triumphs and failures throughout time. The Japanese culture is rich with arts, drama, and literature. They have passed on a beautiful heritage abounding in customs and tradition. Japan has stood proud and tall throughout many millennia and no doubt will continue on with steadfast determination in years to come.

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